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Plug And Mix VIP Bundle v3.3.2 (WiN OSX)

Plug And Mix VIP Bundle v3.3.2 (WiN   OSX)
Plug And Mix VIP Bundle v3.3.2 (WiN / OSX) | 167 Mb / 1.84 Gb

If you buy our V.I.P. bundle then you truly are a Very Intelligent Person. You are going to love working with us at P&M because we are taking it easy on you and your wallet. Once you have purchased or upgraded to V.I.P. Bundle status, all subsequent plug-ins released for the V.I.P. series will be free of charge!

Products included in this Bundle:
Ambiosoniq - Improve your stereo image
American Tweed - The Fender Bassman Sound
Analoger - Vintage Tape & Tube Emulator Plug-in
Brightness - Abbey Road Style Brightness Plug-in
British Tone - The MARSHALL Amp Sound
California Tone - The MESA BOOGIE Amp sound
Chorus Ensemble - Deep Chorus Ensemble Effect
Clarisonix - Sub Bass and Harmonics Enhancer
Classic Flanger - Silky Smooth Flanger Effect
Classic Phaser - Vintage Multi-Stage Phaser Effect
Cool-vibe - Hendrixs Uni-Vibe based Effect
Degradiator - Bit Crusher Style Plug-in
Deluxe Tilt - Extreme EQ when needed
Digital Plate - EMT Based Gold Plate Analog Reverb
Digital Reverb - Eventide based Reverb
Dimension 3D - Roland Dimension D Type Effect
Distorted - Smooth Distortion Effect
Echoflex - Echoplex Based Tape Delay Effect
Electro Optical - Two Channel Electro-Optical Compressor/Limiter
Electro Q Tone - Extreme EQ when needed
Granulizer - Granular Processing Plug-in
Liquid Air Q - EQ with presence
Lo-Fi - Add digital filth to your tracks
Loudbass - Stereo Bass Booster
Ls Rotator - Great Leslie
Magic Queen - The VOX Amp sound
Monster Boost - A Signal Booster with Warmth
Moogy Filter - Classic vintage filter pedal
Multi-Tap Delay - Multi-tap madness
Ob La Wah - The Virtual WAH-WAH Pedal
Octaplexer - Octaver Divider Plug-in
Psycho Ring - An unique Ring Modulator
Retro Compressor - Warm Vintage Compressor
Retro Equalizer - API Like Classic EQ
Retro Filter - Great Sounding Retro Filter
Retro Limiter - Great Sounding Limiter
Screamer - Hardcore Screaming Distortion
Stereolizer - Stereo Width Enlargement
Talking Tone - Talk Box and Vocorder
ToneStack - 6 Classic amp tones
Transcontrol - SPL based Transient Designer
Tremolo Pan - Versatile Tremolo and Panning Effect
Ultramaxit - Easy to Use Level Maximizer Plug-in
Vinylizer - Get that Vinyl Sound
Vowel Comb - Vowel overtone comb filter




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